Big Changes

Happy Monday Everyone!

I have some news to share with all of my readers..

Justin and I are moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota at the end of this summer! Justin took a great job opportunity within Boston Scientific, so we are both relocating to our office there. I am very sad to be leaving all of you in the Boston area (don’t worry, I will be back often) but very excited to explore a new city of fitness studios and juice bars πŸ™‚ Nothing will change here; you will still get a weekly health and wellness related blog Β and now I will get to share with you some new concepts and culture from MN!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in this move πŸ™‚

3 responses to “Big Changes”

  1. I traveled there for work once and fell in love with the city!! it feels so similar to Chicago, which I love. congrats to both of you- so exciting!!

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  2. Excited for you both!! πŸ’• To see this in writing makes it real……😒😒

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