About Michelle

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My name is Michelle; I am 30years old and living in the suburbs of Massachusetts. I work as a Social Media Manager at Boston Scientific but wanted a project outside of my 9-5 responsibilities and started the blog Sunshine & Superfoods back in 2014 as a way to share my healthy recipes and fitness ideas with friends and family. Not too long after the birth of Sunshine & Superfoods, I continued expanding upon my passion and became a certified holistic health coach and launched my own health and wellness coaching business. I love cooking & experimenting with food, trying new restaurants & eateries, getting in a good sweat, taking nature walks, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. 

I have an amazing husband, an almost 2 year old boy and a baby girl on the way this spring! 

I am newly passionate about all things women’s health & fertility and want to help as many women as possible start a family and enjoy every moment of the amazing process.

I got the inspiration to write a blog & establish my own health and wellness coaching practice so I could share my knowledge & hopefully inspire and change others lives. Follow if you enjoy and share with those who you think would like.

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