Simple Healthy Living.

Welcome to the home of Michelle Marie Health & Wellness. I empower women to find freedom from weight management & diet anxiety and ultimately transform their lives by changing their views of food and body image. 

Finding your balance in life brings happiness…

Balance allows you to stop worrying about your body image, your weight, that extra glass of wine you had last night or that run you decided not to go on this morning. I am a firm believer that no one needs to calorie count or dwell over trying to keep up with all the latest diet fads; aren’t they all so confusing anyways?!  Doesn’t removing all that anxiety and stress from your life sound good?

I believe everyone needs to learn to love themselves unconditionally and simply create some healthy habits, not restrictions, in their daily routine. This new way of thinking will lead to optimum health and self-care; don’t we all deserve the best?

Embrace all your imperfections and focus on all the positive in your life!  Break free from that little voice in your head telling you what you should or should not do. Sound good to you?

If SO, then you are in luck because I can help you through an incredible journey to a brand new life of freedom and happiness. Not only can I offer professional holistic health and wellness knowledge but I can relate to your journey myself

I suffered from body image anxiety which led to restrictive eating and a lot of stress and emphasis placed on food. This lifestyle occurred on and off during and after my college years. It started with wanting to lose a little of my freshman fifteen and quickly turned into an obsession. Without even realizing my life spiraled in a direction I did not want it to. I was able to overcome all of this with the help from an amazing health coach and support from my loved ones.

This journey was what inspired me to become a health coach and help others overcome this very common struggle; whether it is to lose weight or gain weight or even just become more informed on health and wellness techniques. I want to teach the importance of healthy habits, especially eating, and how food is intertwined with all aspects of an individual’s life. I am so passionate about helping others find balance and happiness because I know the incredible feeling of finding that in life again.

My own experience paired with my passion for health, wellness, and fitness motivated me to create Sunshine & Superfoods, my health and fitness blog. Just under a year later, I made the decision to pursue this as career and enrolled in Integrative Nutrition; a holistic health coach certification program. After lots of studying and practice, I am ready to share my knowledge and help others find happiness in their life again.

To schedule your first free session and consultation or for more information, contact me at

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