Fertility, Prenatal & Postpartum Wellness

I became very passionate about fertility and women’s health when I began my journey to start a family. I was shocked to find that there are not many easily accessible resources for women who are looking to learn more about how their daily health & wellness routines can impact their women’s health. Many women these days struggle with fertility and the ability to start a family with little information and help from their primary physicians/obgyns.

After spending countless hours reading and researching holistic lifestyle changes paired with my education and certification in holistic health, I am hoping to share my new knowledge with other women looking to improve their health and most importantly, take the stress out of the process.

For those who are already pregnant or entering the postpartum phases, I am also here to help! There is endless information about the many bodily changes and of course the baby’s growth during the nine months of pregnancy, but very little information about how you can stay healthy, stress free and completely taken care of during BOTH pregnancy and postpartum, a whole 12+ months of your life!

I am here to help you through any stage providing guidance on nutrition, movement, stress relief, switching to safer products and so much more.

+ Nutrition Guidance / Recipe Book

+ Product Recommendations

+ Green Living / Non Toxic Lifestyle Changes

+ Movement / Fitness Guidance

+ Stress Relief / Mindfulness Exercises

+ Self Care Practices

+ Advice and Resources to create a full team of professionals to help you through any obstacles you might encounter!

Knowing that every woman’s journey is SO different, each coaching package is completely customizable to best fit your needs and schedule. Set up your first consultation and we can choose the right package for you whether it’s checking in weekly, biweekly, or monthly in person or completely virtual. I am extremely grateful and excited to work with YOU to make this amazing phase in your life one you will cherish forever.

xo Michelle

Email michellemariemcg@gmail.com to learn more or set up your free consultation!

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