My Full Time Job: Auditing

Mexico Adventure

Aside from blogging when I have free time, I spend my full day at the office. I work for Boston Scientific as an internal finance auditor. This is a new role for me at the company as of June. This role requires me to travel often across the United States as well as globally. The past two weeks was my first audit trip..

A two week work trip in Mexico City threw a large curveball into my workout and healthy eating routine. The food there could be amazing but because of the contaminated water issue we were very restricted. We could not eat any fruit and all our vegetables; they had to be cooked. We were told to stay away from seafood and dairy to be safe too! It didn’t leave us with many healthy options.. Luckily I packed enough Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Aloha Daily Good packets to get my mornings off to a good start. These Vega One Nutritional Shakes kept me full all the way through lunch; they have 15g of protein and 50% of your nutrients and daily vitamins. I bought the French Vanilla and Vanilla Chai flavors that were both delicious. The Aloha Daily Good packets allowed me to sneak in some more greens and dried fruits into my diet as well. For lunch and dinner I got by with some cooked vegetables when available and a piece of cooked protein (grilled chicken or steak). Let’s just say after two weeks I could not wait to come home to have real fruit and vegetables again!!

Mexico City itself was not the prettiest. The city is very polluted and run down. It is also not the safest area so we were not allowed to walk around alone at all. Luckily our co-workers took us to the historic downtown district one of our last nights so we could see some of the tourist sights. The downtown area was very pretty. Lots of old architecture and cobblestone streets. They treated us to an authentic mexican dinner that was to die for. I ate ant eggs..yes ant eggs (their version of caviar) as well as the best tacos I have ever had. During the weekend in between our team flew to Acapulco for the weekend to escape the city and get some sun. Below is a picture recap of my first two week audit adventure:

Mexico City:






Pure Barre Away From Home:
My boss and I both love and workout at PureBarre Wellesley so we made sure to get a #ltb picture while we were there


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