Exploring New Studios: Core Power Yoga

Okay time to tell you about stop #3, which happens to be my new daily workout spot, Core Power Yoga in Maple Grove!


I had heard great things about Core Power Yoga from a lot of different people over the past couple years. There was never a studio close by so I hadn’t had a chance to try it before moving here to MN. Now, I have a studio right down the street from my house! Core Power offers you a first week complimentary, so why not give it a try?!

I took my first class about two weeks ago, Yoga Sculpt at 5pm, and let me just say this is not your average yoga class! The class flows similar to a typical vinyasa class but incorporates barre moves, lots of weight training, and a few rounds of HITT style cardio! The class is in a heated studio which quickly adds lots of heaving breathing and sweat into the mix.


Each class is different depending on the Instructor; some love the cardio and some do just the bare minimum. Every class is so challenging in a different way. I find my whole body shaking by the end of class and can already tell a difference in my strength after just two weeks. Anyone can take this class no matter what your fitness level or yoga experience is.

If you haven’t tried out a Yoga Sculpt class at your nearest Core Power Yoga studio I suggest you go this week – its free, so no excuses!

Exploring New Studios: InnerStrength

This past Sunday was Inner Strength Studios Grand Opening in Sudbury, MA. This is their second location; their first is in Watertown, MA. The studio is located in a relatively new business complex with lots of parking and right next door to the restaurant, 29 Sudbury (perfect for post yoga cocktails). I have always told myself that I should add yoga into my weekly workout routine, but when it comes to spending more money on additional studio packages, I always back out. Yoga has a beautiful way of working your body in ways you don’t realize you are capable of, all while giving you an hour + of complete relaxation. Yoga works wonders when dealing with stress; something I struggle with constantly. Anyways, I was super excited to see that Inner Strength was opening in Sudbury because we are lacking good yoga studios in this area outside of Boston; and this location is halfway from my office to home which really makes it a home run.


Sunday I attended their 1 hr of warm gentle yoga and quickly fell in love. The place is simple, clean, relaxing and filled with extremely nice staff. The studio owner, Roman, is a wealth of knowledge and is so accommodating and welcoming. He immediately makes you feel a part of the Inner Strength family. This class in particular hit on all the yoga basics in a heated room; not too hot, but enough to have me dripping sweat. As a new student, I took advantage of their one week of free yoga and since have gone back every night after work to do their classic power hour class.  This class was a little more advanced and difficult (at least for me as a beginner yogi). Finally, last night I took their 75 minute hot yoga class which was the perfect ending to a long week. I was drenched in sweat and totally zenned out when I opened my eyes from savasana.


Lets just say I am hooked and already purchased a class pack to continue on this new yogi journey of mine. I highly recommend checking this studio out if you are in the area; they have an amazing group of instructors and some great new client specials to take advantage of!

check out their site and information here: http://www.innerstrengthstudios.com/

Exploring New Studios : Lotus Spin & Yoga

I have been intending on getting into a more routine yoga practice, but always push it to the side in my priorities when exploring new classes and studios. I was informed of a newish studio in Wayland called Lotus that has both spin and yoga classes so I decided to give it a go. I attended the 6-7pm Yoga Hour which is a vinyasa based flow – perfect for all levels and beginners 😉

First off, this little studio hidden in Wayland,  MA is so cute and zen. It has two small rooms – one for yoga and one for spin. The décor is all in natural tones and covered with reiki and yoga symbols making you immediately feel relaxed upon walking into the lobby. Okay okay – to the class..

Yoga Flow was an hour long class that focused on form and the breath. Holly, my instructor, was so informative about positioning all while keeping us in a meditated and relaxed state during the class. She had the perfect balance of serious but also embracing the imperfections that come with practicing yoga. She transitioned through two different flows and ended the class with some bridge work and an amazing shavasana. I left the class feeling totally refreshed and calm. I am excited to have found this little studio and cannot wait to continue my yoga practice and try out their spin class (with the Real Ryder bikes) very soon!

If you are local, I highly recommend checking this studio out!
Schedule is here: http://lotusstudiosyogacycle.com/schedule/