Pure Addiction #PureBarre

Why I am Still in LOVE with PureBarre



It has been about 16 months since I first started taking Pure Barre;350 classes later, somehow I am in still in love with it. I had to stop and think what about Pure Barre really keeps me interested and motivated enough to get up every morning and attend. Here is what I came up with:

  • The confidence and pure happiness you have after making it through all three thigh sprints (shaking so much it is hard to balance).
  • This workout is just as straining mentally as it is physically. Once you realize that the burn and shake won’t physically stop you; you learn how to push through each challenge in a different way.
  • The 60 minutes ALWAYS seem to fly by every time and each class is completely different; I never feel bored or unmotivated.


  • I love that the class is gentle on your body and is the perfect complement to my other cardio activities. PureBarre really tones you and the results are awesome. The strength I have gained through PureBarre only makes it easier when I go for a run or attend a spin class.
  • PureBarre never gets easier and it becomes a total addiction. As you take more classes, you learn how to perfect the technique, and as you perfect the technique, the ways you discover to push yourself further are incredible.
  • The Instructors are dedicated and motivating. They are truly an amazing support system in the studio as well as outside of the studio. As you create deeper connections with them, they learn your limits and begin to push you (sometimes physically push you) to pass them. This only motivates me more and keeps “raising the barre” higher!


  • I love that PureBarre forces you mentally shut out everything going on in your life for the 60 minutes. You have to be so focused on your technique and breathing, so it forces you to let go of all your stresses. There is an incredible mind-body connection that occurs and makes me feel much more at ease and energized for the day after class.

The Power & Influence of Fitness Instructors

Do you jump out of bed in the early hours of the morning or sneak out of work a little before five to get to a fitness class? Do you book out your classes weeks or months in advance to ensure you get a spot? This enthusiasm to work out is hard to find and a big reason most “fitness obsessed” people have this drive is partially because of their instructors.

Anyone who takes group fitness classes knows how crucial having a great instructor is to your workout. Everyone has experienced an instructor who is lacking energy, speaking softly, and just seems to be going through the motions of class, which causes you to have a not- so-awesome workout. Fitness instructors to most become like family; they are the people you see every day, probably more often than most of your actual family of friends. These women and men start or end your day on a high note with energy and self-confidence. Instructors have the ability to turn your bad day into a good one and it is so important to find a studio where you know you can always depend on this. Good instructors deserve so much more credit than they receive because they always find a way to put their life stresses and bad moods off to the side to make their clients experience the best it can be.

photo 2

For me, at Pure Barre Wellesley, I never have to worry about having a bad instructor or a lack luster workout. This group of ladies is amazing, and they always show up to teach a class with 100% enthusiasm. These women are what make it so easy to get up out of bed each morning for 5:45 am class. One of my favorite instructors, Ang, has a way of pushing me to my limits in every single one of her classes. She is known to keep you performing your “A-game” all class and never lets anyone give up. She has a way of making you move your body in ways you didn’t know it could and always makes sure to give you a shout out in class when she notices your extra push. I leave her classes feeling as strong and confident as ever. I look forward to the classes she teaches because I know I will be challenged both physically and mentally. Being  a member for almost a year now, and taking at least two to three classes with Ang a week, I have never had a mediocre experience with her so I had to find out how she and many other great fitness instructors do it..

How do you stay motivated and energetic for every class, especially days when you teach 3 or 4 in a row?

Without a doubt my motivation comes from the energy that our clients bring to class every day. When I see a client push themselves out of their comfort zone, it always gives me the fuel to keep things challenging! Physically, it’s important to eat small healthy snacks in between classes and stay hydrated as well.

What is your favorite way to keep the clients pushing for their best during class?

My favorite thing to do to keep clients motivated is to give a few name shout outs and say what they are doing well. When people want to break out of a position, I think specific positive reinforcement can really help!

What do you love most about being a Pure Barre instructor?

My favorite thing about being a Pure Barre instructor is when a client tells me that they are seeing results in their body that they’ve never been able to attain before. When clients begin to experience positive changes, they become even more confident in class and in themselves.

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I hope everyone is able to find a place where they can experience great instructors, and for those that do, remember to thank these amazing people for the crucial role they play in your everyday life!

This article also appears on Women’s iLab to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

Exploring New Studios: Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club


My boyfriend, Justin, has been counting down the days until this new boxing studio, Title Boxing Club Framingham, opened (which was this past Monday). Of course, we were there for the grand opening night in one of the first classes. I had no idea what to expect going into this type of class. The description of the class seemed intense and I did not have any boxing and/or kickboxing experience, but I was up for the challenge and so was Justin!

We arrived to the studio early and were greeted kindly and given a tour of the beautiful space filled with many hanging 100 lb bags and a small boxing ring. We were given gloves to use for our first visit and some of the trainers helped wrap our hands for extra protection and then we were ready for class to start.

The class started off “slow” with a 15 minute warm up consisting of multiple body weight movements with high energy and no breaks. Then we quickly switched pace into eight three minute rounds of punching the bags. During these rounds the trainers walked around to check in with all of the clients to make sure they had proper form and were hitting the bag correctly. In between each three minute round we had an “active rest” which consisted of various types of lunges, squats, jumping jacks, and other body weight exercises. Once we completed the eight rounds it was time for a quick gulp of water and on to abs, 15 minutes of abs! We did every type of crunch and twist you could think of while holding a medicine ball. We finished with a cool down stretch and finally an hour later we had survived.


This workout was so different and challenging. It is supposed to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour and really gets your heart rate up! Title Boxing is a great way to unleash anger or stress during a workout as well. I would highly recommend anyone giving this a try. The trainers are extremely nice and cater to all fitness levels, yes, even beginners! You have no reason to be intimidated, it is fun and refreshing change from many typical workouts and studios! Title Boxing Club has locations all over the United States so keep a look out for one near you.

Exploring New Studios: DanceFit

dancefit dancefit2

This past week I decided to continue exploring new studios in the area in order to mix up my routine; and the next on my list was DanceFit Studio. I tried out their HotBarre class last Thursday and went again for a second time last night. Lets just say I have fallen in love with this little studio.. DanceFit Studio is located in Natick and offers a variety of fitness classes for all ages that focus around different types of dance. For Adult Fitness they offer Zumba, BalletFit, CardioBalletFit, Pilates, PopFit, BlastFit, HotBarre, and a Deep Stretch & Tone class. I have only been to their Hot Barre class twice but can’t speak highly enough of the owner and one of the instructors; Gina. She makes her classes up beat and very instructional as well. I learned a lot about ballet in my first class which I didn’t expect going into it. HotBarre is a quick 45 minute class in 94-96 degree heated room. It incorporates a lot of the same technique as Pure Barre but with a bigger emphasis on ballet postions and movements. Many of the rountines require small weights to add extra strength conditioning throughout the class. I really enjoyed this class because it was very different from what I am used to and fun to incorporate ballet dance into a fitness class; It brought back memories of doing Ballet as a child. The heated room allowed me to challenge myself and stretch my muscles further than I thought possible. Gina ends each class with a few minutes of stretching and breathing to make it a very relaxing experience and a perfect way to end the evening. I am excited to continue to try the rest of the adult fitness classes she offers because I know they will all be just as great. You definitely feel sore everywhere the next morning too!


DanceFit also has a studio in Brookline for those of you who live closer to the city and want to try out their classes! Another great perk is that one of their membership options is virtual classes, so you can take them from your own home or while traveling! All in all, I <b>highly</b> recommend anyone looking to switch up their routine and try something different to try out this dance fitness studio.

Sign up for their new client special and try two classes for the price of one : http://www.dancefitstudio.com/barre–fitness.html