Btone Fitness Row Class

Last weekend I finally pushed myself to go try the relatively new row class now offered at some of the Btone Fitness locations. I had been putting this class off because I thought I wouldn’t enjoy a full class dedicated to rowing, but I was wrong. The class itself is only 45 minutes so it flies by; plus the instructor designs the class so that you hop on and off the rower to allow for some strength training on the side!


The class format is somewhat HIIT inspired on the rower; lots of short sprints or pyramid style timed rowing (i.e. row for 2 minutes, break, row for 4 minutes, break, row for 8 minutes, break then go back down to 4, 2, etc.). The class is individual in nature but is empowering to do in a group with high energy! The workout is low impact and great for those who are looking to get a good cardio workout with lots of muscle building and toning at the same time!

I highly recommend checking this class out! It is offered at multiple Btone studios in and outside of the Boston area; check out their site here:

Exploring New Studios: The Club by George Foreman

Exploring New Studios: The Club by George Foreman


Okay this exploration was one of my favorites! I have had The Club on my bucket list for a long time but just haven’t taken the time to trek into the city to attend but thank god I finally did. This studio is gorgeous – it is spacious, with multiple rooms for the wide ranges of classes The Club offers and is filled with state of the art equipment and décor that makes you feel like you are about to hop into the ring and fight yourself. My boyfriend and I attended the TrainFit360 class on a Saturday morning. This class is a full body workout for 60 minutes that includes boxing, battle ropes, jump ropes, TRX suspensions, kettle bells, rowing, cycling and core work. The class is designed into 2-3 minute rounds with 12 different stations and of course a warm up and cool down.


This class was awesome; very fast paced and challenging.  Even as a very beginner boxer I was able to feel good about all of the exercises we were doing – it just takes a few tries to get accustomed to the different forms. The exercises change so frequently you are constantly moving which makes the class fly by. At the end, Justin and I were dripping with sweat.

After class we cleaned up in the locker rooms, that are equipped with everything you might need, and headed into Nourish Your Soul ( a juice and smoothie bar) that is located inside the club! We got some cold brew coffee with homemade cashew milk and then were off. All in all, we both loved the class, club, and atmosphere. If you have an interest in boxing or just want to join a state of the art gym with lots of options then The Club by George Foreman is for you.

Exploring New Studios: BFX Fusion

Looking to get your butt kicked – in the best way possible? Head over to BFX Studio for a workout that can’t be beat. BFX Studio hosts a wide range of classes as well as personal and group training sessions. This Back Bay studio is state of the art and gorgeous; it has everything you could need before or after class in its large and spacious locker rooms equipped with showers.


I had the privilege of attending a Saturday morning 9am BFX Fusion class this month. This class is a mix of spinning and strength training. Studio Director, Rob Wood, led our early morning class – pushing us to our limits. We rotated between the bike and the floor three separate times. Each bike session consisted of different sprint intervals or hill intervals. The floor sessions used a mix of TRX suspensions and 30 and 15lb sandbags to work our arms, legs and core. Each floor session had three to four exercises where we did as many of each as possible in the given time slot.


Music blasting and lots of motivational yelling from Rob got us through class and 60 minutes later, drenched in sweat, my sister and I walked out of class ready to take on Saturday – maybe after a quick nap ; ) I would definitely recommend this class and studio to anyone! I am excited to get back to try more of their classes very soon.

The Boot Camp Fitness Craze is Expanding East

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Orange Theory Fitness

Have you heard of OTF? If not, you will very soon. Orange Theory Fitness is a boot camp style workout studio that started out in Florida & Arizona and is quickly opening many different locations along the East Coast as well as nationally. OTF opened in Boston just under a year ago and is opening a second location a little closer to where I live in Natick, MA. OTF Natick is scheduled to open sometime this April or early May, but in the meantime, they are putting on events in order to get the community excited about the workout. This past Sunday I attended their 60 minute boot camp workout at Athleta in the Natick Mall.

What is the OTF workout all about?

The workout is an hour and is composed of three parts; a session of treadmill intervals, a session of indoor rowing, and a final session of weight and resistance training. What sets OTF apart from all other boot camp studios is their state of the art heart rate monitoring system. Each client wears a heart rate monitor during the duration of class. Each individual’s heart rate is projected on a monitor seen by everyone in class. Having this feature allows you to aim to keep your heart rate in the target zone for each exercise; this maximizes energy levels and metabolism which allows you to burn the most calories. This heart rate monitoring is great for accountability, group workout encouragement & support, and of course, motivation.

Whether weight loss or increased performance is your goal, this workout will provide you with great results!

How was the experience of the preview workout at Athleta Natick?

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Obviously, OTF couldn’t bring in any cardio equipment to Athleta, so the 60 minute boot camp wasn’t like a traditional class will be at the studio. This hour was broken into four sections:  A tabata session, strength and toning session, jump rope and resistance band interval, and lastly a session of core and ab exercises. The 60 minute class was a great way to get to know the trainers and the overall style and atmosphere of OTF. It was a lot of fun, an awesome workout and the turnout was great.

Look for OTF studios near you and definitely give this workout a try. If you are local and interested in the new Natick location check out their social media sites!

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