Exploring New Studios: Boston Gets #CYCd

This past week I finally made it to the brand new Cyc Fitness Spin Studio in the Back Bay. This spinning brand began a couple years ago and is now starting to expand. Cyc Fitness is unique because it is a full body workout. Designed by Keoni Hudoba, an Under Armour sponsored athlete and trainer it is made to maximize your workout in the 45 minutes of class.


“Cyc offers an exhilarating, beat-based, 45 minute ride that activates the whole body, the whole time. Weights are incorporated into sectors inspired by more than 20 different sport movements such as boxing, volleyball and swimming.” -CycFitness

Let me just say you really do fall in love at first Cyc. This class is HIGH energy and so much fun. Master Trainer, Steph Dietz, taught the class with so much passion and enthusiasm. She mixed in a bit of boxing, swimming, and volleyball movements with weights throughout the class which really makes the 45 minutes fly by. Steph has a way of pushing you mentally and physically and when you reach the finish line you truly feel accomplished.
(and wanting to come back for more..)

Not only was I able to take a Cyc class that night but I also got a 30 minute preview of Kick It By Eliza’s signature workout!  The whole night was a BLAST. I am totally hooked with the high intensity and upbeat vibes of CycFitness and can’t wait to come back. As for Eliza, I can’t say enough great things about this girl and her passion around what she does. I am taking a full Kick It class next week and will do a blog recap; stay tuned!


If you are in the area definitely check out Cyc Fitness sooner rather than later or look for some of their other locations: Cyc Fitness Boston


Spinning: The Hype Grows in 2015

Spinning is one of the hottest studio workouts with so many different variations of classes these days. It is a great, high intensity, cardio workout with much less impact than other traditional cardio workouts. This makes it a perfect choice for those with injuries. Many spinning studios now have in house DJs and crazy lighting effects that keep all their clients motivated and engaged.

What are the health & fitness benefits?

-Builds Muscle tone especially in the legs and butt
-High Intensity Cardio – Burns calories quickly
-Relieves stress
-Low Impact workout
-You can track your progress easily
-Can be done all year round
-Easily Modifiable: Adjustable tempo/Resistance for every individual

One of the most talked about spinning studios around the United States is FlyWheel. Flywheel is unique because each of its’ studios has stadium seating; you will never have to worry about struggling to see the instructor. Flywheel also incorporates weighted hand bars which make the class a full body workout! Flywheel shuts off all the lights and blasts their up tempo music, making the atmosphere very edgy and cool.

A fellow Boston Health & Fitness Blogger, Rachel Chemerynski (@healthychicks) talks about why she loves FlyWheel:

What makes FlyWheel unique and keeps you coming back for more?

I love going when I need a solid, sweaty, no BS workout. Their music is loud, their studio is dark and their workouts are intense (in a good way); I think what sets Flywheel apart from other studios is their instructors, amazing playlists and the fact that their classes have a competitive edge — they have a “Torq board” which tracks your overall power throughout class – you can either opt to have your numbers public, or keep them private. Either way, I like that  this helps you push yourself and reach your personal wellness goals, or if you like some friendly competition you can definitely “race” against other riders!

Who is your favorite FlyWheel instructor & why?

My favorite instructor is Christina Lodde because she always gives me the same, intense workout every time – she’s not messing around! I also love Jessica Latshaw, who always inspires me to push myself and think outside the box in and outside the studio!

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