FIVE Tips to Navigate through Holiday Eating & Drinking

The holidays are my favorite time of year but can also be a time of high stress for many people. You are constantly busy with holiday shopping, decorating, and hosting/attending party after party. This time of year is well known for throwing your health priorities to the curb, but I am here to help! Here are 5 easy ways to help you refocus and still enjoy the holiday season!

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  1. Do NOT starve yourself
    • It is so common that when you know you have an event or party to attend that night and you will eat “bad” and have a few cocktails, you starve yourself in preparation – you use that “save the calories” mentality ( I used to be one of them). However, this is the WORST thing you can do to your body – it will actually have a reverse effect and cause you to feel less than average the following day. The best way to approach these parties is by having very nutrient high meals throughout the day – big vegetable/protein salads, greek yogurts, smoothies and nuts. I even suggest eating right before you go to the party! Have a small snack or even a salad – this will prevent you from grabbing some of the small appetizers you wouldn’t normally have just because you are hungry.
  2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
    • The best way to feel good going into a party as well as the next day is by being very hydrated. Drink lots of water the day of – and a glass or two while you are at the party, or at least on your way home (throw a water bottle in your car for after)! This will allow your body to have more energy, be able to digest easier, and keep you mentally on your game.
  3. Mindful Eating
    • Eat without distractions – try to find a nice place to sit down at the party while you are eating so you can really enjoy every bite – there’s no need to stand up and pop things down your throat – what’s the satisfaction there?
    • Eat slow and stop when you are full – you might feel overwhelmed with the wide variety of foods at a party and over indulge but try to take small portions from the buffet line, eat, and then really reassess before going back up. You would be surprised how quickly you might feel full and can pass on having seconds.
  4. Seek Healthier Options – but DON’T deprive yourself
    • Of course as a health coach and healthy eater myself you might expect me to tell you to head right towards the veggie platter – of course that would be ideal but you have to enjoy yourself and let yourself indulge in some holiday foods you don’t normally get day to day. My advice would be to think about the food a little before you grab it – is this a food you really still enjoy? Or is it the thought of it? – you might find that some of those childhood foods don’t really satisfy your taste buds anymore and might gravitate towards something new.

Okay last but definitely not least,

  1. NO GUILT – this is definitely the hardest but is the most important. You might immediately feel guilty or discouraged after (or even before) you eat something that you might deem as “unhealthy” or “bad” but try to let it go. Think about the taste, feeling you got from eating it, experience or connection with those around you and then reset the next day. Plan a healthy breakfast or go for a short walk. One night is not going to change you!!

I hope these five tips help you get through the holiday season a little easier – if you are interested in learning more and getting detailed coaching tips and ideas to help you make healthier choices, set up a free consultation with me. I am excited to help you navigate through the festivities with confidence and ease!

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Fall Back Into a Routine

September means back to school and for most people it is motivation to fall back into a healthy routine. This time of year is known for goal setting and getting back on track in the health and fitness department. There is no need for drastic cleanses and stressful diet guidelines; below are some easy steps you can take to get started!


  • Drink LOTS of Water: Carry a large water bottle with you all day and make sure you refill it 3 or 4 times. Shake things up by slicing up a lemon or lime to add flavor.
  • Cut Out Processed Foods: as much as possible – stick to the vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds and proteins.
    • Make a trip to your farmers market for fresh produce or head to your local orchard to go apple picking
  • Meal Plan: Use those Sunday afternoons to cook and prepare breakfast and lunch for the week. This will save you lots of time in the mornings and ensure you eat healthy meals and avoid going out. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks as well!
  • Reduce Stress: Find little ways throughout the day to reduce your stress levels. Take a walk around campus or the office; simply practice mindful breathing, or journal for a few minutes to get out your thoughts.
  • Move Your Body: Make an effort & hold yourself accountable to get moving a few days a week. Find a workout that excites you and treat it like an appointment or work meeting you cannot miss.
  • Treat Yourself: Make sure you take time for some self-care. Do not become too hard on yourself or too self-restricting.
  • Hire a Health Coach: Not only can a health coach educate you and help you focus on your goals, but they’ll hold you accountable too!

Interested in using a health coach to get you back on track this fall and ready for the upcoming holiday season? (yes, it sneaks up fast!)

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SWEAT FOR SWAG #streetsweat


I am super excited to announce that I have teamed up with The Street to host and promote their #StreetSweat series that happens every summer on the beautiful green in front of Lululemon. #StreetSweat happens every week through September so check out their full calendar for a list of all their awesome FREE fitness events.

This Saturday, June 27th, come out to the green at Shop the Street for an hour of FreeStyle Fitness with trainers Ron and Sabrina w/ MOVE. It will be an hour of various styles of training to get you moving in ways you haven’t moved before. The class is a high octane boost; utilizing circuits and accessories such as ropes, medicine balls, and lots more to rev up your metabolism and ignite fat burning.


To make this event even better….

Everyone who attends and signs in upon arrival will be entered to win a great giveaway thanks to many of the Shop the Street partners, check out the swag you’ll recieve below:

Sweat for Swag:

Enter to win Lunch for 4 at The Cottage, featuring their new SummerFit Lunch Menu every Wednesday + Saturday

Plus, 2 complimentary blow drys from Be Styled and one Sweet Skin Facial courtesy of skoah!

Winner will be selected following Saturdays complimentary fitness class with MOVE fitness.


For more information on #StreetSweat series and all the other awesome Summer Events over at The Street check out their calendar: