Pure Barre Platform

Pure Barre Platform finally arrived at Pure Barre Wellesley this past week, so I quickly signed up for the first official class. I have been very anxious and excited for Platform since it has a large cardio component, something that is missing from a regular Pure Barre workout.


Let me just say…Platform is on a VERY different level than a normal Pure Barre class; and is actually totally different and pretty much incomparable…

The class is high intensity and cardio based but still incorporates the same toning techniques as Pure Barre does. It has what are called “cardio bursts’ that occur throughout class during the warm up, thigh sprints, seat work and even ab work! These bursts are big and fast movements thatt make your heart rate quickly sky rocket. My favorite cardio burst are the jumps that occur during seat work – you have the opportunity to fly for a few seconds by jumping off the platform while holding onto the bar (I am sure some of you have seen the videos).


The technique of the class is focused on much bigger movements than the small contractions used during a Pure Barre class – this is hard to adjust to at first, but it is what allows you to keep your heart rate up throughout the class; burning calories and fat more rapidly! The class flew by with its upbeat tempo and “double time” sprints that caused my thighs to burn like never before. Class ended and I was dripping in sweat and feeling a new kind of Pure Barre high.

I cannot say enough great things about this class and can’t wait for everyone to try it. You do not have to be super coordinated to succeed in this class; all the movements are simple and easy to pick up on quickly! So check out the schedule at your local Pure Barre as these classes pop up in 2016!

Exploring New Studios: IMPACT Fast

Exploring New Studios: Impact Fitness

A hidden gem in Sudbury – this studio is state of the art in functional and athletic training. I was able to attend two of their different classes in the past couple weeks; Cardio Sport and TRX Strength. Both classes were totally different but amazing workouts.


So, let’s start with Cardio Sport. This class is a “boot camp- like” style combining high cardio activities with strength training in two different 4 station circuits. Each class is different by changing the activities done in each circuit – in the class I attended we did everything from small sprints, rowing, pull ups, and box jumping. A lot of these exercises were new to me and I loved it. This class pushes you outside of your comfort zone but in a good way. The instructor is very well trained and extremely helpful with correcting form and technique while motivating the class in a positive yet discipline manner. The class was nonstop for 60 minutes – leaving me exhausted, out of breath at points, and drenched in sweat. It flew by and was lots of fun and a great workout. I am excited to get back to this class to see how it changes and how far I can learn to push myself in these new activities.

Okay next I tried the TRX Strength class taught by Kevin Duffy; this was a similar but somewhat different atmosphere. This class is a quick 45 minutes and is more focused on full body strengthening using body weight, weights, and TRX suspensions. Since the class is only 45 minutes it is faced paced with no breaks. The class began with some resistance band exercises to warm up then we quickly went through two different circuits with 5 stations in each. The first circuit was a set pace and the second was on your own; meaning, once you finished the rep amount you moved onto the next station as many times as possible in the allotted time for this circuit. Lastly, we ended with some core work on the floor and then quickly did a small round of sprints. This class was challenging but flew by and is the perfect workout to wake you up in the morning!

All in all, I am very impressed with this studio in Sudbury – if you live in the area, I highly suggest you check it out! It has an in house smoothie bar and a wide variety of membership plans as well as personal and small group training sessions.

Exploring New Studios: BFX Fusion

Looking to get your butt kicked – in the best way possible? Head over to BFX Studio for a workout that can’t be beat. BFX Studio hosts a wide range of classes as well as personal and group training sessions. This Back Bay studio is state of the art and gorgeous; it has everything you could need before or after class in its large and spacious locker rooms equipped with showers.


I had the privilege of attending a Saturday morning 9am BFX Fusion class this month. This class is a mix of spinning and strength training. Studio Director, Rob Wood, led our early morning class – pushing us to our limits. We rotated between the bike and the floor three separate times. Each bike session consisted of different sprint intervals or hill intervals. The floor sessions used a mix of TRX suspensions and 30 and 15lb sandbags to work our arms, legs and core. Each floor session had three to four exercises where we did as many of each as possible in the given time slot.


Music blasting and lots of motivational yelling from Rob got us through class and 60 minutes later, drenched in sweat, my sister and I walked out of class ready to take on Saturday – maybe after a quick nap ; ) I would definitely recommend this class and studio to anyone! I am excited to get back to try more of their classes very soon.

Spinning: The Hype Grows in 2015

Spinning is one of the hottest studio workouts with so many different variations of classes these days. It is a great, high intensity, cardio workout with much less impact than other traditional cardio workouts. This makes it a perfect choice for those with injuries. Many spinning studios now have in house DJs and crazy lighting effects that keep all their clients motivated and engaged.

What are the health & fitness benefits?

-Builds Muscle tone especially in the legs and butt
-High Intensity Cardio – Burns calories quickly
-Relieves stress
-Low Impact workout
-You can track your progress easily
-Can be done all year round
-Easily Modifiable: Adjustable tempo/Resistance for every individual

One of the most talked about spinning studios around the United States is FlyWheel. Flywheel is unique because each of its’ studios has stadium seating; you will never have to worry about struggling to see the instructor. Flywheel also incorporates weighted hand bars which make the class a full body workout! Flywheel shuts off all the lights and blasts their up tempo music, making the atmosphere very edgy and cool.

A fellow Boston Health & Fitness Blogger, Rachel Chemerynski (@healthychicks) talks about why she loves FlyWheel:

What makes FlyWheel unique and keeps you coming back for more?

I love going when I need a solid, sweaty, no BS workout. Their music is loud, their studio is dark and their workouts are intense (in a good way); I think what sets Flywheel apart from other studios is their instructors, amazing playlists and the fact that their classes have a competitive edge — they have a “Torq board” which tracks your overall power throughout class – you can either opt to have your numbers public, or keep them private. Either way, I like that  this helps you push yourself and reach your personal wellness goals, or if you like some friendly competition you can definitely “race” against other riders!

Who is your favorite FlyWheel instructor & why?

My favorite instructor is Christina Lodde because she always gives me the same, intense workout every time – she’s not messing around! I also love Jessica Latshaw, who always inspires me to push myself and think outside the box in and outside the studio!

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