Happy Friday: Cold Pressed Cocktails


I have taken my obsession of cold pressed juices into my nightlife with cocktails. In the beginning of the summer I stumbled across a relatively new company; Ripe Bar Juice. They are a startup out of Connecticut that is creating all natural, fresh cold pressed cocktail mixes. They do not contain any added sugars they are simply lightly sweetened with agave when appropriate. Right now they have five different flavors: San Marzano Bloody Mary, Agave Mojito, Agave Punch, Agave Margarita, and Agave Lemon Sour. My personal favorite is the Mojito flavor; it is simply pure squeezed Persian lime juice, reverse osmosis filtered water, 100% organic agave nectar, and 100% natural mint oil. I like to mix it with tequila on ice and sometimes add some lime or lemon flavored seltzer water for some bubbly. My boyfriend also loves it mixed with vodka. These cocktails are delicious and free of sugars and syrups you might find at restaurants or with other mixes on the market.
I HIGHLY recommend everyone giving these a try!


Check out their website at: http://www.drinkripe.com/

Exploring New Studios: Btone Fitness & Turn Style Cycle


My first trip was to Btone Fitness in Wellesley. It is similar to Pure Barre in the sense that it focuses on small movements and muscle contractions to tone your body. The difference is that it uses the new lagree fitness pilates machines. This allows you to work different areas and add resistance with each movement. When I first walked into the studio and took a look at the machines I was nervous that I would spend most of the class figuring out how to use the thing but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to switch positions and keep up with the class. The music is upbeat and the vibe is very fun. I woke up the next morning SO sore. This was a cool way to change up my workout but sticking with the same concepts from what I am used to doing.


My second trip was to Turn Style Cycle in Cambridge. It offers Spin and TRX classes. I have taken both and cannot get enough. I leave the studio sore each time and find that every class is different. The Spin classes use the Real Ryder bikes (these are the bikes that move side to side as you ride) which allows you to burn 20% more calories than using a stationary bike! Each class is created around a playlist which is blasted over the speakers with the lights off, it is an upbeat and engaging sweat sesh. Rich the owner (and an instructor of both classes) is extremely passionate about his studio and making sure each person that comes into his studio has an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

The New Coconut Water


I finally got my hands on some Maple Water this past weekend. Drink Maple, a company based out of Concord, MA makes bottled maple water. I was excited to try it since it has so many benefits, even more than coconut water! It contains over 46 nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, prebiotics, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants. Maple water is known to support digestive health, hydrate, increase energy levels, bone strengthening, and has anti-inflammatory results. This product is similar to coconut water but has much less sugar and calories! I was surprised at the taste when I tried it. It is not very sweet at all and does not taste like maple syrup in the least. It is super refreshing and easy to drink. It would be amazing post workout to rehydrate or as a substitute for water or nut milk in a smoothie!

Check out the company and where you can pick yourself up some Drink Maple at: http://www.drinkmaple.com/

Acai Bowls


I was super excited to try this new breakfast after seeing many health bloggers rave about it on social media. I ran out to Whole Foods Market (the only place that sells frozen *Sambazon Acai packets) to be able to come home and try it out. I followed the simple recipe instructions by blending the frozen unsweetened acai packet with a banana and a handful of berries. The consistency was creamy as I poured it into a bowl. I decided for my first time to keep my toppings to a minimum so I sprinkled some unsweetened coconut flakes, sliced kiwi, and some slivered almonds on the top. The taste of acai is amazing with and without the toppings. I was hooked after my first few bites! Like green smoothies, acai bowls can be made in a million different ways to change the flavor and texture. I have also found that just adding an acai packet to my green smoothie adds an amazing boost of flavor. This product is so versatile and PACKED with antioxidants. It couldn’t be more perfect to have on a hot summer morning!