Fall Back Into a Routine

September means back to school and for most people it is motivation to fall back into a healthy routine. This time of year is known for goal setting and getting back on track in the health and fitness department. There is no need for drastic cleanses and stressful diet guidelines; below are some easy steps you can take to get started!


  • Drink LOTS of Water: Carry a large water bottle with you all day and make sure you refill it 3 or 4 times. Shake things up by slicing up a lemon or lime to add flavor.
  • Cut Out Processed Foods: as much as possible – stick to the vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds and proteins.
    • Make a trip to your farmers market for fresh produce or head to your local orchard to go apple picking
  • Meal Plan: Use those Sunday afternoons to cook and prepare breakfast and lunch for the week. This will save you lots of time in the mornings and ensure you eat healthy meals and avoid going out. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks as well!
  • Reduce Stress: Find little ways throughout the day to reduce your stress levels. Take a walk around campus or the office; simply practice mindful breathing, or journal for a few minutes to get out your thoughts.
  • Move Your Body: Make an effort & hold yourself accountable to get moving a few days a week. Find a workout that excites you and treat it like an appointment or work meeting you cannot miss.
  • Treat Yourself: Make sure you take time for some self-care. Do not become too hard on yourself or too self-restricting.
  • Hire a Health Coach: Not only can a health coach educate you and help you focus on your goals, but they’ll hold you accountable too!

Interested in using a health coach to get you back on track this fall and ready for the upcoming holiday season? (yes, it sneaks up fast!)

Sign up for a free first consultation here: michellemariemcg.com

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