Two Miracle Oils for Skin Care

I have not been blessed with the best skin (especially on my face) and it shows when I am in times of stress. I have always struggled to find a treatment that really worked to not only get rid of blemishes but truly prevent them from flaring up. Since I have switched over to all natural beauty products I have discovered the amazing benefits and effects of two different great oils that work wonders in my skin care routine.

photo 5

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an antibacterial agent therefore it actually goes into your bores to fight the bacteria creating blemishes. Tea Tree Oil also has many soothing properties which prevents your skin from inflammation and redness. Tea Tree Oil should be applied using a cotton ball or pad onto a blemished area.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is perfect to use as a face lotion, after sun treatment, and makeup remover. Coconut oil is known to delay the aging process of skin, retain moisture without the use of harsh chemicals, and prevent microbial infections with its antibacterial properties. Coconut oil can be applied using your hands or cotton balls/pads.

photo 2

To read about my full natural skin care routine, head over to an older post on my blog recapping my amazing experience of making the switch thanks to Follain Boutique.
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