4 Easy Ways to Start Listening to Your Body

One of the most important lessons I have learned in life is to always listen to your body. What does this mean?

In life; especially the society we are in today, there is constant pressure to look and act a certain way. I believe everyone feels this in some shape or form. I urge everyone to take a step back and think about what pressures you feel and most importantly why. Most of the time, the “why” is superficial and adjusting some of your actions might be a great way to relieve stress.

Listening to your body is the most honest and easiest way to step back and really feel your best. Below are the four easiest ways to start listening to your body:


1. Move your body in a way that you LOVE
Don’t wake up everyday dreading your workout. Find a class or a routine that really motivates you. This might require adjusting your idea of a “good workout.” Not all workouts have to be cardio driven or intense. Try out a yoga or barre class or get creative and try a dance or boxing class.


2. Eat until you are 75% full
Most of us are guilty of over eating. We have this “clean plate” mentality; but really leftovers are also great to have! The best advice is to eat slower, really chew each bite and appreciate the flavors. Eating slower will allow your mind to catch up to your body sending you signals of becoming full.


3. Do not be afraid to REST
We are all human and rest days are SO important. When you are run down and over tired take a day off from exercising! Your body needs time to relax and allow the muscles to heal – take the morning to sleep in or the afternoon to spend time with friends and family instead.


4. Take away the pressure
Live the 90/10 rule or even the 80/20 rule; we can’t all be perfect all the time. Strive towards healthy eating and living habits 80-90% of the time and then allow yourself to enjoy WITHOUT guilt the wine and pizza 10-20% of the time. Life is all about happiness and enjoying the moment so don’t let your “rules” get in the way of having some fun!



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