Take Care of Your Gut

The Importance of Good Digestion

Did you know that your digestion system is 70% of your immune system? It contains the same chemicals that are produced in the brain and holds 10x more bacteria than cells in your entire body! What does this all mean? It means that your digestive system is where most all diseases, infections and other sicknesses stem from. Many health gurus consider your digestive system your second brain because it actually contains more neurotransmitters. So how do you take care of your digestive system?

via healthnut.com


  1. Listen to how it feels: I would recommend by starting a food journal for a week or two. Write down what you ate and then how you felt after and during the hours of digestion. At the end of the week or two you will be surprised at how easily you can point out what foods are causing pain, inflammation, constipation, etc.
  2. Eliminate these foods that caused you problems. See how you feel a week or two without them. Do you feel more energized, more regular in the bathroom, less sluggish?
  3. Add in good bacteria into your diet. This could be through incorporating a probiotic or eating foods that contain it such as fermented foods (kimchi, saukeraut, etc.) Also look to add in healthy fats; avocado, nuts, tuna, salmon or omega 3 supplements.
  4. Hydrate: Drink lots of water. Lemon water; especially hot in the morning is great to boost metabolism and aid in digestion. Stay away or work to reduce caffeine beverages, sodas, and any fruit juices that aren’t natural and fresh pressed.
  5. Increase Fiber Intake: Make sure you include fiber rich fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. Other whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, amaranth, etc. are also great to add in occasionally.
  6. Digestive Teas: Look out for or make your own digestive teas. Ginger tea is an amazing way to aid in digestion and help get your digestive system back in a cleansing state.

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