The Magic Behind Greens

It comes as no surprise that greens are a powerhouse source of nutrients. We see different ways to eat and drink them popping up all over these days; even in common stores such as Starbucks and Kohl’s. Most know that consuming greens daily is amazing for you but I want to share some scientific facts and hopefully more incentive to incorporate greens more often in your diet.



Green vegetables contain extremely high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. These are both what we call micronutrients. Micronutrients support the cells in your body to function and the higher the presence of micronutrients in your body the better immune system your body has. Without the presence (or enough presence) of micronutrients your body allows viruses to attack and replicate inside your body. Green vegetables (and other vegetables) when eaten consistently have actually been proven to change the DNA inside your body. There is a process called methylation that occurs within your DNA; when you eat a diet focused on green vegetables you lessen this process which significantly reduces your risk of cancer and other diseases from occurring and/or reoccurring. It has been proven that our bodies have the ability to fight and prevent all types of diseases; it is what we put into our bodies throughout our life that has slowly affected the way our immune system functions. With changes in our diet we can reverse these effects and hopefully prevent future diseases.

Green Vegetables have been proven to…

support and promote the power of your immune system

give you more energy

improve your digestion

improve your skin, hair, and nails (Vitamin E and C)

give you a feeling of fullness longer (high in fiber)

improve cardiovascular health & manage blood pressure

reverse cancer and other diseases within the body if consumed regularly

Joel Fuhram is an expert in the NutritarianDiet (eating only a diet consisting of nutrient dense foods). If you are interested and want to learn more about the science/molecular effects green vegetables have on your health check out his website and his award winning publications: Joel Fuhram

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