5 Easy Ways to Immediately Improve your Health


  • Drink water
    • I know everyone says this but do you ever take action? Make it a daily assignment to refill that water bottle every couple of hours. Hydration is essential to good health, better digestion, clearer skin and mental clarity. If water seems boring try adding some cut up lemon or cucumber to add flavor. Lemon water has even more amazing health benefits and is especially great to have first thing every morning. It boosts your metabolism and aids with digestion all day long.

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  • Get serious sleep; I am talking about at least 8-9 hours every night
    • We all are guilty of staying up late watching our favorite show or turning over the next page of a book we are drawn to, but putting sleep as a main priority will show serious health benefits. Even better; studies show that if you turn off all technology one hour before bed you sleep better and get more out of your sleep (I am still working on this one).4_6
  • Move your body daily
    • Physical Activity is so important to your health. Physical activity does not mean you have to spend an hour at the gym each day. Moving your body can be a few laps around the office every few hours, it can be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or it can be a gentle yoga class. Any movement of the body is better than none!

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  • Eat foods that are found on the perimeter of a grocery store
    • This is the easiest way to think about eating for good health. A grocery store is set up with the fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and whole grains on the perimeter. All of your processed food is what sits in the aisles. Do your best to increase the percentage of food you buy to come from the perimeter.FullSizeRender (1)
  • Do one thing a day that makes you happy or smile
    • This tool is my favorite. In this day and age we are SO busy and constantly stressed we forget about ourselves sometimes. Happiness and love are so important to your health and making an effort to do one thing a day that you love and makes you smile will make your days and weeks so much better. It can be something as simple as taking an extra minute or two to enjoy your breakfast in the morning, stopping on the way home to get a new nail polish or some flowers, or pouring yourself that glass of red with dinner.


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