What to Eat this Spring Season: Six Superfoods

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With daylight savings behind us and having the pleasure of seeing the sun shining late into the evening, everyone is ready for warmer weather here in New England. This means spring fever; when people crave to be outside as well as begin to change their diets to incorporate more seasoned foods.

Many ‘”heavier” winter foods such as dark meats and root vegetables tend to disappear from seasonal menus and replaced with light, colorful, and refreshing ingredients. There are many seasonal spring foods that can also be considered superfoods, for good reason, and I have picked six superfood favorites to share:


  • Micro Greens: These types of greens are harvested in the early stages of growth and are known to pack 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than other greens. These small greens have intense flavors which make them perfect for garnishing plates, topping salads and soups, and making pesto and other spreads.
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  • Strawberries: These berries are low in calories and packed with antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes and high levels of vitamin C. They are also known to contain significant amounts of the B complex group of vitamins and are also a great source of fiber.

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  • Mangoes : These tropical fruits are nutrient dense and known for their high levels of Vitamin A and C. Mangoes also contain pre-biotic dietary fiber and antioxidants. photo a
  • Broccoli: This powerhouse vegetable is filled with fiber, countless vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of folates. Broccoli is also known to have cancer fighting properties.

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  • Artichokes: These small flower buds are very low in calories but high in fiber and antioxidants. Artichokes contain high levels of magnesium which is essential for muscle strength and reaction time (among 299 other biochemical reactions).

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  • Eggs: These are fresh off the farm during the spring season and are completely underrated as a health source. They are filled with protein, good fats as well as many vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to eat the yolk; the yolk contains a vital nutrient choline which helps brain memory.

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Look forward to more posts in the coming months with some lighter seasonal recipes incorporating these ingredients and in the mean time start looking for them to go on sale at your local grocery stores!

This article also appears on Women’s iLab to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

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