PureBarre: 100 Club


Today I was super excited when my 5am alarm went off because I was off to my 100th Pure Barre class. This means I get to join the “elite” Pure Barre 100 Club (and it also means I am another 150 classes away from joining the 250 club)..you can see how you are easily challenged and addicted. I started Pure Barre about 130 days ago and have not looked back. I was hesitant to start since I was an avid runner and enjoyed the constant movement of a heavy cardio side work out. Pure Barre is the complete opposite. It is based on small tiny muscle contractions that target lifting your “seat”, toning your core, legs and arms, and burning body fat. I have seen tremendous changes in my body since I began and am amazed at how affective this workout really is. Aside from the great physical changes I have seen; the best takeaway from starting Pure Barre is the friends I have made in my 6am class! The women who have been going to the 6am class since PureBarre Wellesley opened welcomed me with open arms when I started and now are the reason I push myself to get up each morning.


Pure Barre is quickly expanding and opening new locations all over the US. If you haven’t tried it out, grab a friend and head over for a class..I promise you will be hooked!

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