Holiday Baking: Paleo Style

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Baking!

I do not follow the Paleo diet per se, but I do however, always like to search for Paleo dessert recipes. Why? Usually all Paleo recipes do not contain dairy, added sugars, or carbohydrates. The diet focuses on eating whole foods and nothing processed. The ingredients are always natural and the recipes always come out tasting just as good as if you made them with flour, sugar and butter. It also makes it a lot easier on your stomach after you have had one or two too many 😉

I have tried these first two recipes and loved both; especially, the Dark Chocolate Walnut Chip Cookies. These cookies have become a new staple in our house ever so often. The Chai Pumpkin bread is also delicious and ended up being a nice breakfast treat and snack. I highly suggest spreading some pumpkin butter or almond butter on top after you heat up your slice for a few seconds.

Dark Chocolate Walnut Chip Cookies:


Recipe Fed & Fit Cookies:

Chai Pumpkin Bread:


Recipe Team J & A Chai Pumpkin Bread:

These next two recipes are on my baking bucket list; Pumpkin Pie this week just in time for Thanksgiving, and then I will save the Gingerbread loaf for some christmas baking in the coming weeks!

Pumpkin Pie:


Recipe Sweet Roots Paleo Pumpkin Pie:

Gingerbread Loaf:


Recipe Primal Bites Gingerbread Loaf:

Note: Trader Joe’s is the best place to find bags of all the different types of nut “flours” and meals!

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