Happy Friday: Cold Pressed Cocktails


I have taken my obsession of cold pressed juices into my nightlife with cocktails. In the beginning of the summer I stumbled across a relatively new company; Ripe Bar Juice. They are a startup out of Connecticut that is creating all natural, fresh cold pressed cocktail mixes. They do not contain any added sugars they are simply lightly sweetened with agave when appropriate. Right now they have five different flavors: San Marzano Bloody Mary, Agave Mojito, Agave Punch, Agave Margarita, and Agave Lemon Sour. My personal favorite is the Mojito flavor; it is simply pure squeezed Persian lime juice, reverse osmosis filtered water, 100% organic agave nectar, and 100% natural mint oil. I like to mix it with tequila on ice and sometimes add some lime or lemon flavored seltzer water for some bubbly. My boyfriend also loves it mixed with vodka. These cocktails are delicious and free of sugars and syrups you might find at restaurants or with other mixes on the market.
I HIGHLY recommend everyone giving these a try!


Check out their website at: http://www.drinkripe.com/

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