Awesome New Products: Summer Wrap Up

Snack Attack: More Ways to Eat Veggies


I came across these crazy yogurts at Whole Foods Market of course. Blue Hills Farm makes a variety of different vegetable flavored yogurts including beet, carrot, tomato and parsnip! They taste amazing and are low in calories and sugar with only small amounts of good fats. They are also 100% grass fed and the source their vegetables from local farms.

My version of a Sunday Funday


I went on my usual Sunday morning trip to Trader Joes to grab groceries for this upcoming week when I came across the release of their new line of cold pressed juices. I was super excited to try them so I bought a few of each flavor. They come in ‘Green’, ‘Red, and “Yellow’. The best part is that they are only $4.99 compared to the competing cold pressed juice companies who charge around $8-$10. I definitely had my doubts but I was happy to discover that they taste just as good! All three have a perfect balance of flavors and actually fill you up as you drink them. They are super easy to pack for work or to drink on the go.

My two new favorite workout accessories:Nike Studio Wraps and SwellBottle

image3 image2

The Nike Studio wraps were game changing when I began wearing them to PureBarre. You do not slide at all during the workouts. They are also super light weight and comfortable, always a plus!
The Swell Bottle is not only sleek and cool looking but it also keeps your beverage cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! It is perfect for water, coffee, tea and even mixed drinks. I put it to the test by leaving it my hot car for an entire cookout and was pleasantly surprised when my water was still ice cold when I returned…definitely worth the price tag!

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